Internal Building Map


First Floor
Room Descriptions
(Usages subject to change)
Programming Schedule
Floor space Map

1.  Greeting Room
For entry and check-in. Side room often used as an unloading zone :)
2.  Room A
Small games held here, and often the "morning after review" session for comments and suggestions of how the event went.
3.  Room B (Dressing room)
Early in the evening this is a dressing room used for fursuiters. Later, it has been used as a sleeping room in the past.
4.  Room C (Dressing room / Drunk Tank)
This has been designated as the "Drunk Tank" for 21+ events. Any inebriated person who needs to sit out on the party for awhile will have this room available to them. This room has a glass door making its interior viewable from the kitchen, and from the bartender. For other events, it functions the same as Room B.
5.  Kitchen
Free sodas and water are located in the fridge here, and your perishables can go in the fridge as well. This is the location of drink dispensing for 21+ events, the bartender can be found here.
6.  Dance Floor
A section for the DJ is located in the back, and the dance floor has built in lights and sound!
7.  Main Hall
Nerf battles! A projector faces the front wall of the building as well, and movies can be watched here. We also set the food out on the counter for consumption through-out the night.

Second Floor
Room Descriptions
(Usages subject to change)
Programming Schedule
Floor space Map

1.  Room D
Most often used for Artistic programming - artists alley, drawing, sculpture, life drawing, etc.
2.  Room E
The gaming room. Magic tournaments, card games, video games (a TV is available, just bring your own consoles!), board games are held here.
3.  Room F (Sleeping room)
Typically people drop off all their stuff here upon arrival early in the evening. It functions as storage and sleeping. Mattresses are available for sleeping, although there is of course a limited number! Bring lots of bedding just in case!
4.  Upstairs Kitchen (Smoking Allowed)
A smaller room sectioned off from the rest of the facility by two consecutive doors, it allows smokers to have a place to get their fix. At this time, smoking is NOT allowed outside the doors of the facility to keep down the noise level for the residents of the surrounding neighborhood.
5.  Upstairs Balcony
Great for watching those milling around the main room below and for precision shooting from above during Nerf Battles!!
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