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KYFurs Annual Cookout
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Submitted by: Calypso_Husky
Approved by: 
Time: 11:00am - 7:00pm (8 hours)
Location: Jacobson Park, Shelter #5
Address: 4001 Athens Boonesboro Rd
Lexington, Kentucky 40509

This event is open to general public.

Information: PARK & AMENITIES:

This will be set up a lot like last year. We will utilize the ever-so-wonderful Shelter #5 once more! Its located kind of off and out of sight, so we can have a nice quiet gathering without too many bystanders wanting to bother us. It has a volleyball net, grill, port-o-potty close by and outlets. See here for a map & a couple of pics:http://www.lexingtonky.gov/index.aspx?page=2496

Pedal boats will be available to use at this point of the year as well if you wish to partake. The rental cost is $4 for one-half hour.


Fursuits are welcome and encouraged! Please be aware of weather and other picnic-related elements when planning to fursuit.


Like last year, we will serve hot dogs and burgers; no pulled pork this year.

We encourage everyone to bring a side dish, drinks, chips, utensils, desserts, etc. Please indicate what you plan to bring when you sign up!

If you dont plan to contribute something listed above, we ask you to please contribute $5 to help cover costs for burgers & dogs, pulled pork, their respective buns and the shelter price. Donations can be made at the event or online via PayPal. Please send PayPal donations to hyperotterdesigns@yahoo.com


There is a volleyball court next to the shelter and I will provide the ball.

If you have a game to bring (whether outdoor or indoor) please bring it!

We will hold a prize raffle again. Here's how it will work:

Prizes will be donated from various contributors, however, you must purchase tickets to win. The number of tickets you can purchase is not limited. All proceeds go into the KYFurs account so we can continue to host bigger and better events for you.

Ticket Prices:

- $1 = 1 Ticket

- $5 = 8 Tickets

- $10 = 15 Tickets

If you would like to contribute a prize to the raffle, please pm me or send an email to hyperotterdesigns@yahoo.com


As of right now, this event will be hosted whether rain or shine. Severe weather threats are the only thing that will stop this event. We will make a cancellation call on all fronts two days before the event if the impending weather is unfavorable, so please keep watch for such info.

Due to limitations on booking other shelters for the next couple of months, this event will not be rescheduled if cancelled.


In the event that there is a problem, we need a way to get ahold of everyone. We have opened up an emergency event announcement channel on Telegram. If you have smartphone capabilities, please download the app and join the channel. Here is the group info: @kyfurs_events or telegram.me/kyfurs_events

For those of you without smartphone capabilities, I am more than happy to provide my personal cell phone number for contact in the event of changes/cancellations. Please pm me and we can exchange. 
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